Bucket listing around essex

We all know about the ‘Kingdom of Essex’ ruled by Sigrid, son of Sigeric. I guess we all learned that from the ‘Vikings. ‘ The king of Wessex defeated Sigfred and united Essex with other large counties. That started the Kingdom of England. As such, Essex is one of the oldest counties in England. The population of Essex is almost 1.4 million in the area of three thousand kilometres approximately.

The county of Essex has the second most populated county in England. Essex is in the southwest part of Greater London. Thus, making it one of the most flourishing and economically established counties in the country. Let’s not jump into the geography of Essex right now. The initial objective of this blog is to know Essex exactly how I see it.

Now, let’s start with you, visiting the county for the first time. Essex has the longest coast of all counties in England. There are more than fourteen thousand buildings recognized as a landmark throughout Essex.

Transportation around Essex:

One of the main ways of transportation to Essex is Airports and railways. The Stansted Airport is one of the important airports in the county of Essex. The London City Airport is also about fifty-nine kilometres.

For railway routes, London underground central line and Great eastern Mainline are one of the main ones. From Liverpool to Harlow and last to Cambridgeshire are followed up by the Greater Anglia Routes. We shall not explore every other route of Essex. But the Greater Anglia serves the most prominent area.

For roads, Essex has links to Cambridge, Chelmsford, Southend, Tilbury, etc. The Dartford Road joins Essex to Kent.

For roaming around Essex, you can opt for a car, a public transportation bus, or just by bicycle. There are several bus routes throughout the county, from Duke Street to Hythe Hill to Maldon Road and many more. Busses are pretty available and punctual here. So, you shouldn’t use too much time or money on transportation. And if you want a personal touch of Essex, I recommend you hire a bicycle.

It’s a vast country, so most of the people live around the economic and developed areas. Harlow, Colchester, Chelmsford, etc., are one of the most populous districts.

Economic development of Essex:

Agriculture is still one of the leading sources of income in Essex. Still, there are some electronic, pharmaceutical, motor, etc. Industries are also at their peak here.

Ford Motor has a headquarter in Basildon. Debden has the British note production facility. So quite a critical county in England. Most of the people here hold London-based jobs and as transportation is more accessible.

Living cost in Essex:

Essex has a significant unemployment rate comparing to the other counties. Almost about forty percent. Nearly twenty-six percent of the entire population works over forty-five hours a week.

The weekly income in a week of residents is about five hundred pounds. And an average household has a yearly income of eighteen thousand pounds.

For renting a house, the average rent will be about ninety pounds a week. An entire house will cost you about three lack pounds. Flats will cost a little less than this.

Thus, living in Essex will cost you a lot. With a stable job, you can manage, of course.

Hotels in Essex:

If you are a tourist, you are looking for a hotel to check-in. There are some famous hotels in Essex. All the hotels are pretty modernized and have all the necessary amenities, including Wi-Fi, parking, restaurants, etc.

Prices of these hotels vary from location to star rating. Some hotels even offer spas and pools, which might be a great experience if you want to relax.

Foods to eat:

Okay, now I have a very long list. Essex is one of the ancient and traditional areas in the entire country. As such, the food here is quite exceptional and extraordinary. Roasted lamb, magic mushroom, barn brasserie, strawberry Bistort and many more.

Everyone knows about the English breakfast. But in Essex, we have pizza breakfast. Bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes are served in pizza dough, with chips on the side. Essex has its ways to make you want food.

And if you are opting for a tea, afternoon tea with sandwiches and pastries will serve you the right.

Places to check out:

As I mentioned before, there are more than fourteen thousand landmarks graded in Essex. Colchester Castle, Hedingham Castle, Hylands house, etc. It can be noted. As a traveller, I always had a thing for castles. That might be because I’m British.

But anyways, Hedingham is a typical castle, and Colchester is an eleventh-century Norman Castle. As a part of ancient England, most places have witnessed the uprisings and downfalls of several empires.

Essex has both history and a developed present. And in both ways, it is one of the important places in England.